If you don't like my attitude, quit talking to me.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Collisions Happen

So, you are going to be able to tell that I'm a new blogger after reading this post. Yes, for the first time, Anon was a tad out of her comfort zone when the "Real World" collided with "Blog World". Yep, you veteran bloggers are shaking your heads at this point. My family was invited to attend a carnival tonight at a local church in town. Though my roots are in Ohio, I have extended family in this area. Every year, their church provides a FREE carnival to the community. Every year, we get a personal invitation and every year, we turn the invite down because of other circumstances. What do you know? This year, the calendar was clear and we finally were able to attend. These folks really put their hearts into this event. Everything was put together with great organization, wonderful volunteers and they were not kidding, the activities were free. With all the booths there, I could not pass up my favorite station......cotton candy. Have I mentioned the free factor? I cannot pass up free cotton candy. I love cotton candy and I don't get to indulge in that too much, so I could not resist. I went over to that booth, reached to take one of the cotton candy treats and I hear something to the effect of "Cotton candy is not for belly dancers." I looked up, she was making the cotton candy and I knew who she was. I was in shock and thinking to myself, 'I cannot believe Lakeview hires Nazarenes.' :) After getting over that little 411, I quickly hushed her and said something about that just being blog world stuff. I mean, after all, did she not see my little one and my great aunt standing near me? :) All of a sudden, paranoia settled in. These are the times that I forget anyone can read these posts which is one of the reasons I resisted starting a blog in the first place and why I hesistate to use my blog as an "update" of my life. Here I am running my mouth, thinking only people who know me read this stupid (referring to mine) blog.......not true. Now, I'm walking around wondering who will drown me with their super soaker when I turn the corner. (Read my last post and you'll understand.) Hey, my super soaker is bigger than your super soaker.

Here's another question: Why did she not let me know that she knew of my blog? After all, she's a fellow comrade, a music teacher, she could have at least let me know she's out there. Well, I'm going to find her. I have a link who is connected to Lakeview and I just bet it won't take me long. What do you do/how do you feel when your worlds collide? Inquiring minds want to know. Is it leading a double life or should the philosophy be "what happens in blog world, stays in blog world"? And is leading a double or shall I say creative life wrong? If that's the case, I'm going to show up in my bells and scarf at church on Sunday. Yeah, I'm going to live in freedom baby. If you don't like it, you don't have to look at it. Start the music now. Wait a minute, I'm playing on Sunday. Well then, I guess there's a first for everything......ever seen a bellipianist on the worship team? :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

etcha-Bay idn't-Day ow-Knay I'm-ay ilingual-Bay

o-Day ou-yay ever-ay ook-lay ack-bay and-ay onder-way hy-way ou-yay art-stay e-thay ings-thay ou-yay o-day? (ike-lay apbooking-scray, or-fay instance-ay) ast-Lay eek-way, I-ay as-way unning-ray y-may outh-may and-ay eing-bay ocky-cay and-ay is-thay eek-way, I'm-ay inking-thay o-tay yself-may, hat-way ere-way ou-yay oking-smay? (a-hay,a-hay,a-hay, ust-jay iddin'-kay, it-ay as-way e-thay eer-bay.) ey-Hay, on't-day ink-dray and-ay og-blay, it's-ay ot-nay afe-say. efore-Bay y-may ife-lay eemed-say ormal-nay and-ay ow-nay everywhere-ay I-ay o-gay, eople-pay are-ay alling-cay e-may y-bay y-may en-pay ame-nay and-ay asking-ay e-may en-whay y-may ext-nay ost-pay is-ay. I-ay ust-jay and-stay ere-thay umbfounded-day and-ay ink-thay o-tay yself-may, ow-hay id-day e-hay/e-shay igure-fay out-ay at-thay I'm-ay Anon-ay? Okay-ay, ot-nay eally-ray, I-ay ink-thay ost-may of-ay ou-yay ecognize-ray ho-way I-ay am-ay. ut-Bay onestly-hay, I-ay o-day ave-hay is-thay "ing-thay" about-ay aring-shay oo-tay uch-may info-ay over-ay e-thay internet-ay. o-Say if-ay ou-yay attempt-ay o-tay ive-gay out-ay y-may ersonal-pay identity-ay, I'll-ay ust-jay arn-way ou-yay at-thay I-ay arry-cay a-ay uper-say oaker-say AT-AY ALL-AY IMES-TAY. I-ay ill-ay unt-hay ou-yay own-day! Isn't-ay is-thay odd-ay ow-hay eats-thray on't-day ound-say o-say iolent-vay en-whay ey're-thay oken-spay in-ay ig-Pay atin-Lay? art-Pay of-ay e-may eels-fay essure-pray, e-thay other-ay art-pay of-ay e-may ants-way o-tay elete-day e-thay entire-ay og-blay. owever-Hay, e-thay eputation-ray of-ay eing-bay a-ay og-blay opout-dray is-ay ocially-say unacceptable-ay in-ay is-thay area-ay. et's-Lay ace-fay it-ay, I-ay on't-day esire-day o-tay e-bay alking-way in-ay almart-Way ith-way y-may ildren-chay ile-whay everyone-ay is-ay ashing-flay e-thay "oser-lay ign-say" at-ay e-may. e-Thay ituation-say ould-way e-bay oo-tay uch-may or-fay e-may o-tay andle-hay. (I'm-ay oing-gay o-tay ave-hay o-tay art-stay attending-ay ose-thay A-Bay eetings-may after-ay all-ay.) o-Say, I-ay ill-way o-day y-may est-bay o-tay ost-pay occassionally-ay, ut-bay ime-tay is-ay of-ay e-thay essence-ay and-ay I-ay ave-hay omised-pray yself-may ot-nay o-tay et-lay y-may iorities-pray et-gay out-ay of-ay ack-way. ou-Yay ow-knay ow-hay at-thay oes-gay.......ith-way ogging-blay, ime-tay ies-flay. o-Day ou-yay ow-knay at-whay I-ay ove-lay about-ay ig-Pay atin-Lay? Everything-ay ymes-rhay. o-Yay, I'm-ay a-ay oet-pay and-ay I-ay idn't-day even-ay ow-knay it-ay. :) ell-Way, I-ay ust-may ign-say off-ay or-fay ow-nay. asta-Hay a-lay ista-vay! ow-Way, ookie-lay ere-thay, I'm-ay actually-ay ilingual-tray!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

P-ay.S-ay. A-ay ig-bay anks-thay o-tay "unny-Fay ady-Lay" or-fay aking-may e-thay observation-ay of-ay ombining-cay y-may ove-lay or-fay usic-may and-ay elly-bay ancing-day in-ay y-may ofile-pray ic-pay. I-ay as-was oing-gay o-tay ow-shay e-thay ull-fay ength-lay ic-pay, ut-bay I-ay emembered-ray at-thay is-thay as-way ogger-blay and-ay ot-nay yspace-may. If-ay ou-yay ant-way o-tay iew-vay e-thay icture-pay ithout-way e-thay edits-ay, ou'll-yay eed-nay o-tay eck-chay out-ay yspace-may. ey-Thay allow-ay ics-pay ike-lay at-thay on-ay ere-thay. :)

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

sshhhh.........Secret Identity

A question was posed about whether I prefer to have a pen name or whether I choose to protect my identity. I love good questions! Why do I choose to not fully identify myself? There are several reasons that will answer this question. First of all, I do not like to give out personal information because the website is accessible to everyone. (But I will tell you that my bra size is a 32DD.) Trust me, I know what's out there. I have a myspace account; That's my way of staying connected with all the concert listings of my favorite country stars. Even on my site there, you won't be able to access it very well because I set my private settings for friends only which by the way I have none. Well, except for Tom, he's a really cool guy I met
there. ;) Secondly, I'm not and will not use my blog to collect as many "comments" or "friends" as I can. This blog isn't necessarily for meeting new people, but to kick back and talk with people who know and love me when I can take a breath from the normal routine. Life is too short and I've gone to more funerals in the last five/six years of friends who've suffered and died from diseases they didn't deserve to have. I can't worry about impressing acquaintances or gathering new buddies. The friends that I admire, love, and trust are here and so, therefore, I have joined the blogging mania. This is my "no bull" way of somewhat identifying myself without getting caught up in the sensationlism of "blogging". Now, if someone comes along who can appreciate that kind of mindset, accept the humor and handle all that goes along with that and not get their feelings hurt, cool. He/She'll be next victim, I mean, link. :) Let's face it, Jesus didn't share the last supper with Bozo the Clown. His last moments here on earth were shared with the people who invested time in His life. Yeah, that's it, I want to live like I'm dying........isn't that a country song? :)

Now, as far as the pen name goes, that's very intriguing to me. In part, I do like to use Anon as my secret identity because it's my way of showing a little creativity and personality. You all know how I suffer from stage fright. :) This character Anon serves as part of my alter-ego and enables me to be transparent, in a demented sort of way, through my love of writing. So, while Anon partially gives me a secret identity, I also can lean on the side of being conservative and not sharing my SS# with everyone.

Now with that all said, let's talk about identity. Try this: Go to usa-people-search.com. Go ahead, type all the friends you have and ones that you've been wanting to track down. Weird, huh?

Okay, I'm just being honest with you all: I don't want my name posted because I know someone will claim for a rock star identity and I won't be able to get any royalties from it. Like a Madonna, yeah, I know, I can see how someone could easily mistake my name with rock star.......kind of senonymous. :)

Triatholon Update: I ran a mile today in just 9 minutes and 30 seconds. When I reached home, I ralphed up yesterday's dinner in my yard. No pain, no gain I told myself. I got my bike and started on my trek. About halfway through, I had a little accident and my bike chain broke. Hubby is not going to be happy. With all the luck I'm having, I think tomorrow will just be a "rest" day. I don't think I really want to chance the swimming part at this point. I think I'll just wait until Saturday, drown, and then it'll all be over. Won't that be a relieve? Don't forget to help take care of the kiddos for me! :)

P.S. Can someone, beside myself that is, please put another comment on my first post? Last time I looked, I had 29 and uneven numbers bother me so. I would be forever indebted to you. :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Knock Knock

Well, the time has come. I mainly did this because I was so wanting to post on Jaena's website and she never lifted the anonymous blocker off. So, I gave in. Congratulations on the victory! Plus, I also realized how paganistic I am to blog on myspace. Furthermore, I struggle with envy and couldn't take my sister-in-law always talking about having a blog. I had to have one of my very own. The number one reason I started a blog: my little one is sick and I have a free day. What better to do with a free day than blog with all of you wonderful people?